Drama Audition Video Submission:

We ask that all drama auditions be recorded and submitted in advance 3 days before auditions. If you are unable to complete the video due to technology limitations, please reach out to us to explore options. 

What you’ll need: phone with video camera, separate music player, drama audition music (provided at the bottom of page).

Optional: lamp, sheet, camera stand, helper (in your social bubble)

Set Up and Tips

Find or create a blank wall.

  • Find a wall without windows, doors, mirrors, or lights behind you. Or tack up a curtain or wrinkle-free sheet. 
  • Tip: for the best lighting, find a window or lamp to shine in front of you. 

Set up phone to record

  • Use a tripod, make a tripod, or find a helper you are not afraid to get silly in front of
  • Tip: camera is better quality than selfie mode
  • Please use horizontal display and focus your camera waist up


  • Start the camera
  • Find your marks
  • State your Name, Age, Height 

Play audio file (below). 

Direction will be given over top of the music of an emotion we need to see you express through your face. Choose an angle or character to approach this emotion from and keep acting until the next direction is called out.

Have fun. Show us what you’ve got. End pose.

Stop recording. Review your footage. Prepare to submit (wetransfer). 

General Tips

Make sure you feel and look your best. Favorite feel-good shirt, check your hair/teeth, etc.

Don’t look directly in the camera. During filming, direct shots will be used sparingly. When we are telling a story we are often interacting with other people or the world we are creating around us.

BE PREPARED. Make sure you test out your camera angle, know your height, and rehearsed your drama performance with the music. 

Read video uploading and audition criteria CAREFULLY. Show your best self by following instructions and paying attention to details.

ASK FOR HELP if you need it. Find a friend or send us an email if you are having technical difficulties.

Audition Audio Track


  • wdx.wetransfer.com
  • Add Your Video File
  • Insert your Email
  • In Message Box: Name, Age, Phone Number
  • Select “Send Email Transfer”
  • Transfer
  • Use Verification Code Sent to Your Email