School Shows

Show Added! Dec 7th at 10am

School Shows Dec 6th at 10am and 12:00 – SOLD OUT


WDX holdsĀ special school performances and we would love it if your school could attend! Tickets are only $5 / student with one chaperone free for every ten students. The show runs for 60 minutes, and the story is entirely told through dance. For more information or to reserve your seats please email

To see what this company is all about you can also visit us on facebook or on our website,

Windsor Dance eXperience is preparing for their theatrical dance production



FRIDAY DECEMBER 7th at 10:00am. Available

Tickets are only $5 per student with one chaperone free for every 10 students.

All reservations and payments are due by Friday November 23rd.

Flamekeeper: A Christmas Tale is based on a short story by Richard Paul Evans and centres around the ceremonial passing on of the Christmas Torch. It is a great honour to be the flamekeeper, but only that person who presents the best gift will be named next in line. Through the magic of dance we will use such styles as jazz, ballet, contemporary, swing and hip hop to bring you all the Christmas feels as the town eagerly presents their gifts! This all-ages show features over 70 local dancers (ages 6 to 25) and runs for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes in length.

Looking for an in-school activity for your students? WDX can bring a choreographer to your school to lead some active workshops for only $150 for half a day.