Spring Productions

Junior Theatrical Dance Production


Every summer a group of dance friends reunite at Windsor Camp eXperience. One night they decide to sneak out of their cabin and share stories around the campfire!They share stories of monsters, museums, candy and ghosts but which ones are real and which ones are stories? WDX is about to tell you in the only way we know how – Dance
This show runs for 55 minutes and is entirely told through different styles of dance (contemporary,jazz and hip hop) , with music by popular singers such as Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Meghan Trainor and other current music your students will know!
 For tickets – Please call WDX at 519-253-2466 (tickets are limited)


In 1925 famed English explorer and archeologist Prof Nathaniel Grey, along with his son William, have gone missing in the Amazon on a quest to find the legendary city of “El Dorado”.Retired explorer, Samantha Grey, takes the search for her husband and son into her own hands. Along with her two young daughters & Governess they embark on an incredible adventure into mysterious jungles full of strange creatures, exotic animals, fearsome tribes and an ancient evil! It’s a journey into the unknown, a journey to save their family, a journey into the Amazon!
This show features 50 local dancers ages 11 to 30. The performance is 1 hour and 20 minutes and is told entirely through various styles of dance such as contemporary, jazz and tribal, with music by popular singers such as Ruelle, Steed Lorde, X Ambassadors, Angelique Kidjo, etc. 
Recommended for ages 11 and up.