Artistic Director

Tiffany Chan (Wentzell), Artistic Director

Tiffany C. Chan,
Artistic Director

Tiffany Chan founded Windsor Dance eXperience Inc. with the help of Julia Galli on May 12th, 2003.  Starting with 20 members the company has now grown to over 90 members.

Tiffany started off as a dancer from Nova Scotia.  When she moved to Windsor, she discovered the world of dance theatre, where the 4th wall is removed and there are no mirrors to bounce your emotion right back at you.  She graduated from the WCCA program and joined Live Energy Dance Theatre as a dancer and soon became a choreographer.

During the years of 1999-2001, Tiffany took on the role of Artistic Director of Live Energy Dance Theatre, opening with a new take on Sleeping Beauty.  She discovered she would rather create beautiful things than perform them, so she settled on her true passion of choreography and directing.

In 2003, Windsor Dance eXperience was born as a program that includes young dancers as well, in hopes of creating a family oriented company.  Since then, she has worked with Ballet Jorgen for three years as the Youth Rehearsal Mistress, Theatre Alive as the co-choreographer of “Tommy”, Riverfront Theatre Company as choreographer for “Midsummer Night’s Dream” as well as three different collaborations with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. Most recently, Tiffany has also been working with Arts Collective Theatre, as choreographer for their shows “West Side Story” and “Guys and Dolls”.

Tiffany believes and has proven that dance doesn’t just provide technique lessons but also life lessons, such as discipline and learning how to work with a team.  She recognizes all the dancers as individuals with hopes that they learn to love, embrace and share their unique qualities with the rest of the community.