Frequently Asked Questions

What is WDX?

Windsor Dance eXperience Inc. (WDX) is a volunteer-run, non-profit theatrical dance company dedicated to giving local kids an outlet for their creative and physical activities. WDX performs up to 4 productions a year – telling stories through dance and building memorable productions.

Reindeer (picture by John Chan)

What if I have never had a dance class before?

No problem! WDX does not require any former dance training – only a desire to learn and a passion to perform. Some of our members currently attend local dance schools, some have had dance lessons in the past, and some have never danced a day before coming to our company.  We try our best to choreograph with each dancer in mind to bring out their strengths on stage and make everyone shine. Voluntary technique classes are available ($5 / class) for dancers that want to improve their skills and knowledge in the world of dance.

Is it a big time commitment?

A dedicated cast is a necessity for a successful production. We do ask for a 1 to 3 days a week commitment depending on casting and scheduling. It is very difficult to present quality shows at the level we do with sporadic attendance. We do however understand that work, school, and prior commitments might keep members from always being able to attend. With advance notice and clear lines of communication we can often accommodate conflicting schedules.

Odile (picture by John Chan)

Is it expensive?

WDX tries to make its membership fees as affordable as possible. Fees cover rental of the rehearsal space, production expenses, and costumes. Fees average out to $85 to $100 / month (including 5 pre-paid tickets to the performance and a $75 fundraising deposit refunded if you meet the fundraising requirements). Payment plans are available for families with more than one member and for dancers ages 18+. WDX is also a proud Pathway to Potential Broker.

Am I too old? Is it for little kids?

Although WDX is a youth centered organization, there are no age limitations (other than being at least 8 years old). Our core company is currently 8-43 years of age, but we would welcome any person who is interested in performing through the medium of dance.

Tiger Lily (picture by John Chan)

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